And what about writing? Tolkien collecting is not my only passion in life.
I have published five novels about a strange little forgotten country on the shores of the Baltic Sea... and other books are to come.
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My Preciousss...

In october 2004 I came across an old book (Specimens Of Early English by Richard Morris and Walter Skeat, part I, Oxford, 1886, repr. 1935, xcix-554 p.) owned and signed by J.R.R. Tolkien. He seems to have been the third owner of the book, which is covered with a lot of notes, especially the chapter The Ancren Riwle, but generally from the hands of students. Unless?... Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull very kindly certified the book as being one of Pr Tolkien’s library.

Now it is mine, my own, my Preciousss !...
Thank you so much!

It isn't so easy to share everyday life with both a fan and a collector !
So, many thanks to Kity and Ava, my true Preciousss, for their patience, tolerance and love.

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A star shines on the hour of our meeting!

I was born in 1972 and I am now living in Thonon-les-Bains, in France, on the shores of the lake of Geneva. I am collecting Tolkien books since ca. 1992.

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Namárië !

Yvan Strelzyk
A French Tolkien collector
Translations of Tolkien all over the world
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And why not my own French translation?

I am now thinking of it for years. Each time I read again The Lord of the Rings in English or in French, I translate again the text in my mind. So it is now official, I have begun to write my own translation of The Red Book of Westmarch (The Lord of the Rings + The Hobbit + The Silmarillion + The Adventures of Tom Bombadil + Bilbo's Last Song).

What I'd like to read ? All that has been forgotten in the translations (forewords, or even parts of text), harmonized texts, and most of all translated names that fit better : Valfendu (Rivendell) rather than Fondcombe, Barbefeuille (Treebeard) rather than Sylvebarbe, Crin-d'Ombre (Shadowfax) rather than Gripoil, aso.

A totally new French translation was published in 2014-2016, based upon the 60-anniversary edition of The Lord of the Rings : it is indeed far better than the former one, concerning errors and typos. But as often as I am reading it, I cannot help thinking: my translation project still stands !

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