"Myth and Illusion..."

In 1992-1993 (two anniversary years!), for my maîtrise degree in comparative literature, I achieved a memoir about artistic illusion as conceived by Wagner and Tolkien. It still contains some defects, but as it was rewarded by a good mark (A+), I share it now with you. In French only!

The two essays were written for Le Tolkieniste, fanzine of the French Tolkien & Co society, and published in May 1998 (concerning Balrogs) and April 1999 (concerning Tom Bombadil).
In French only!

The article on Tolkien and Iceland was written for Courrier d'Islande, publication of the France-Islande society, and published in April 2011.
In French only!
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"Adaptations radiophoniques"
"Beleriand (Le)"
"Enregistrements sonores"
"Fleuves et rivières"
"Forteresses et châteaux"
"Hommes en Terre du Milieu"
"Nordiques, langues et littératures"
"(La) Route se poursuit sans fin..."
"(Le) Silmarillion"
"Soleil et lune"
"Verbe et parole"
"Waldman, Milton"
"Dictionnaire Tolkien"

Under the direction of Pr. Vincent Ferré was published in October 2012 a Dictionnaire Tolkien (CNRS Editions): a large Tolkien dictionary for wich I wrote sixteen articles:
Tolkien and Iceland
Two short essays for the Tolkien & Co Society
Myth and Illusion in the works by Tolkien and Wagner
Translations of Tolkien all over the world
Essays concerning Tolkien
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